Can I only use ethanol fuel once the flex fuel kit is installed?

No, the flex fuel kit allows your engine to use any type of fuel/ethanol mixture or just fuel. There is no second tank – ethanol and unleaded petrol (95/98) can be combined.

Does the flex fuel kit increase fuel consumption?

Yes, ethanol contains less energy per litre than petrol, so fuel consumption may be slightly higher. On average we see an increase of 15% in consumption, which can be reduced in part thanks to our partner Mecacyl. We recommend the use of Mecacyl at each oil change, giving your car greater smoothness and minimising excess consumption.

Is the flex fuel kit suitable for all vehicles?

Yes, the flex fuel kit is suitable for most vehicles equipped with fuel injection and that run on unleaded petrol (95 or 98). Our network’s professionals perform several tests, ensuring the most effective transformation possible for your vehicle.

Is the flex fuel kit a software chip?

No, the flex fuel kit is not a software chip. The flex fuel kit uses its own independent CPU to allow the conversion from petrol to ethanol or any mixture of the two. The vehicle’s original computer is not replaced during the process. The vehicle continues to be commanded by the sensor and original ECU, allowing for efficient ethanol consumption.

What should I do if I sell my car?

The flexfuel kit can be entirely removed without changing the vehicle. The kit can be reused on any other compatible vehicle which does not have more cylinders than the original vehicle.

Does the flexfuel kit function in cold weather?

The flexfuel kit has an integrated cold-start system with an internal temperature sensor, capable of starting the engine in very low temperatures.

If I have a vehicle that uses petrol and I adapt it for bioethanol, will my engine wear out more quickly?

No, there are currently more than 100,000 vehicles using the flex fuel kit in over 38 countries. There have been no cases of premature wear due to engine conversion. In fact, ethanol, which is purer than unleaded petrol, prolongs engine life. With regard to petrol pumps and hoses, all vehicles produced after 1993 have materials for polyfuels, allowing them to accept any type of fuel. Did you know that ethanol is already present in unleaded petrol?