DriveCleanBox is Flexfuel Company’s bioethanol conversion kit. DriveCleanBox allows for the use of bioethanol fuel, either in its pure state (100%) or mixed with gas (0 to 100%).

DriveCleanBox is entirely compatible with all electronic fuel injection vehicles produced after 1990.

Installation and set-up are greatly facilitated by FlexFuel Company’s user-friendly interface software. A professional can install the DriveCleanBox in 4 simple steps:

  1. Taking a reading of injection time values with FlexFuel software
  2. Mounting the wiring harness and conversion box
  3. Entirely refilling the tank with bioethanol fuel
  4. Adjusting injection times on FlexFuel software

La gamme DriveClean à partir de 598 Euros (hors pose)

single point single point/twin-cylinder 4 cylinders
3-4 cylinders 3-4 cylinders 6 cylinders
5-6 cylinders 6 cylinders 8 cylinders
8 cylinders 4 cylinders/8 injectors 10 cylinders
10 cylinders 12 cylinders
12 cylinders