boitier E85 newBioethanol is currently the only alternative to petrol which is capable of being implemented without having to make any significant modifications to the fuel distribution mode. Bioethanol allows for a more economical and environmentally-friendly drive.

The savings are immediate and allow for a reduction of 30 to 45% of a given fuel budget. You can verify this yourself by consulting the price per litre of fuel.

Bioethanol also offers another environmental advantage; substituting one ton of petrol for one ton of Biothenol reduces emissions by up to 75%. The quantity of CO2 emitted during bioethanol combustion is equal to the quantity absorbed from the atmosphere by the plant as it was growing. There is therefore no contribution to ozone depletion.

Based on these observations, in 2008 Flexfuel Company was the first French actor to develop a bioethanol conversion kit, the DriveCleanBox, and launch it on the market.

Today, 25,000 bioethanol conversion kits have already been installed and 200 installation partners operate throughout France. These figures demonstrate Flexfuel Company’s role as a leader in the biofuel industry. Flexfuel Company has participated in numerous interviews and media appearances.